Lead You Home


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And the octopus-arm streets

Lead me here

And lead me there

But never take me far

From this town

Whose sea-serpent limbs wrap

Themselves about ankles

Both delicate and firm

Their resolve never broken

Never blessed by the birds

Who swoop the deep

And trail their angel-feather wings

Across the water

Across the lives

Kissing the gentle waves

As they lap the shore

Like the ghost-friend visit

Of dreams

Now remembered

Now lost

And on the horizon

Ever distant

Receding like the thawing summer floes

Forgotten swallows swirl

Singing softly to ears that

Will never hear

Never feel their warmth again

Drawn ever back

Through lattice-laced skies

The tentacled paths that burn

But only in the light

And lead you home at night

At night


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2000-2020


In Histories


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Fires now are all burned through

And hollow windows stared

Memories kept close to you

In priest-holes never shared,

Hands that cut your ragged stone

To hold the world at bay

Marked by time’s cold blood and moans

Feted Lords have their day,

Cast upon the bloodied land

Proclaim the rise of one

Beneath the foot, beneath the hand

Dynasties now gone,

And winter has the final word

In histories we fall

Ruins carved beneath the sword

In time repeated all.



© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2000-2020

The Poets Symphony AVAILABLE NOW

Delighted to be able to announce the release (and to be a contributor to) The Poets Symphony.
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Raw Earth Ink

Raw Earth Ink proud to present (and super excited about):

The Poets Symphony

An anthology composed by thirty-one artists and poets. Inside you’ll find poems, lyrics, melodies, photography, paintings, digital art and more all inspired by MUSIC.

I couldn’t be happier with this book. It’s gorgeous on the outside but it’s the inside bits that are the best. This has truly been my pleasure to work with all of these fine creators.

I encourage you to check out the Published Authors page on the blog to find out more about any of them.

Recognize some of those names? You might, because many came from WordPress with even more from Instagram.

You can find the paperback at lulu (recommended), Barnes & Noble, or Amazon. Lulu has been shipping out books in about a week (or less) while Amazon is taking over a month to ship out book orders.

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The Poets Symphony


I am absolutely delighted and thrilled to be able to announce the forthcoming release of ‘The Poets Symphony’ from RawEarthInk.
Edited by Tara Caribou, this collection of poetry features work from some of the most talented writers around, collated into one fine anthology.
Released on May 15th, in both ebook and physical form, this is a must for lovers of poetry and music alike.

Lulu (paperback):


Barnes & Noble (paperback):


Amazon (paperback):

Amazon (kindle version):


Hanging On


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Blue lights flashing 

In the dead of the night

What have you done?

Oh, what have you done?

See inside though

The blinds are drawn

Keep it all in

Yes, keep it all in.


And we’re all hanging on

Hanging on by a thread

Hoping that it’s strong enough

To hold ’til morning comes.


Words like knives hang

High above our heads

Hide them so well

We hide them so well,

‘Til the tempers flare

And hearts bleed out

What did we mean?

Oh, what did we mean?


And up the stairs

All our monsters freed

Can’t hold them now

No, can’t hold them now,

And rage cuts cold

As deep as the fear

Can’t take it back

Can’t take it back now.


And we’re all hanging on

Hanging on by a thread

Hoping that it’s strong enough

To hold ’til morning comes.


Blue lights flashing 

In the dead of the night

What have you done?

Oh, what have you done?

Voices silent

In the dead of the night

What have we done?

Oh, what have we done?


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2000-2020


Music for the weekend

I may be biased (my son provides the electric guitar work), but the new ep ‘Blown Away’ by Charlotte Young, is definitely worth downloading.

On its release it went straight to #1 in the UK Country itunes chart, so I know you won’t be disappointed!

It is available on itunes, Spotify and no doubt almost everywhere else.

Happy listening!


Review: Charlotte Young Releases The Brand New EP ‘Blown Away’!

Remember Me


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When we passed upon the stair

My eyes raised up and yours so low

Our faces never met like

I had always dreamed that they would

Those days so distant, lives away

Nights of noise and dance and drink

Regretful sun-drowned hollow hours

I strangled each and every one

Behind the mirror-glass I saw

The landscapes painted at first light

When dawn’s soft lips still bore the kiss

And hands that brushed became a touch

But in the palace we had danced

Limbs and fingers grown like vines

And far below our bodies writhed

In forgotten corners dark

The truth grew flowers in your heart

To hide the weeds that choke me still

And when we passed upon the stair

I wished that you had

Remembered me.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2000-2020



Below is a ‘teaser’ from my short story ‘The Guest House’ which appears in the superb anthology ‘Static Dreams -Volume Two’, edited by Tara Caribou.

I hope that you enjoy it and, if you do, that you might consider purchasing a copy – an excellent companion in these strangest of times. I have included several links at the end of this post.

Thank you!

Margot found herself behind the wheel of her car. She was parked up by the side of the road, the small town that she had last driven through now far behind her, when the tears came. With no destination she had been driving for what seemed like hours, although now, for her, time itself had lost all meaning or relevance. She had climbed into the car in the hope that it would provide protection, or at least a distraction, and take her far from the steadily cracking ground upon which she had been standing. She had driven through the suburbs, hard and fast, intent only on escape; escape from the city and escape from the rapidly unravelling memories upon which she now felt her life had been built. The streets and houses had all fled by without notice, hiding their faces in the shadows as the car sped past them. Its tires hissed angrily on the still-wet tarmac as if they were somehow complicit in her rage. As she reached the quieter streets the lights began to grow dimmer, less frequent, as if even they were feeling the same pain that Margot was. The anger inside her now was beginning to evolve into something else, something far more complex and destructive. She felt a wave of disappointment suddenly hit her and, as she gasped for air, it seemed as if it would drag her beneath itself and drown her. With it it brought an overwhelming sensation of loss, as if twenty-seven years of marriage had simply vanished, leaving no trace of her life or who she was. And then there was the shock, the sense of injustice that, after all that he had said to her, and all that she had said to him – the promises and little intimacies that stretched between couples like spider silk – the words ultimately meant nothing: in the end the attraction of youth held sway over everything. And youth it was, it seemed to Margot, which had wrenched her husband from her and led him to the arms and then the bed of another. She had no idea, no indication, of who this other woman was – her husband had not even afforded her that dignity – but she wondered if this woman, this home-breaker, might not have been merely a younger version of herself.


Lulu :

Both books, all versions


Barnes & Noble/Nook:

Both books, all versions



e-book only, obviously

Volume One


Volume Two



Volume One paperback


Volume One e-book


Volume Two paperback


Volume Two e-book


Available for Pre-Order

Raw Earth Ink

I said it was coming and here they are!

The Poets Symphony: Verses, Melodies, and Lyrical Poems is releasing on the 15th of May. You will find it anywhere that sells books online: lulu, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.

Pre-order the e-book here.

Thirty-one artists and poets came together to create this gorgeous book centered around the theme of MUSIC which holds photography, paintings, mixed media, song lyrics, and poetry of all types. You won’t be disappointed!

Brandon White’s debut book of poetry: The Year That Stole the Light Away is releasing on the 29th of May.

Pre-order his book here.

Brandon works through all the emotions we experience amidst the grief of losing someone we love. From the quiet days leading to loss to those dark days after when we tend to be numb yet also focusing in on the minutiae and the minor details of the life moving…

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