Any Spare Change?

Hello! I just wanted to take a moment to remind anyone interested that I have two collections of short stories and one poetry collection available for purchase as ebooks.

A very reasonably priced purchase should you be tempted (and thank you to those who have already dug deep into their pockets!)

I have attached links for each title below. Thank you!





The Candle Game


Falling Sleet



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The dice were loaded from the start

Lauding profit over art,

And power came to those whose names

Resonated with the vain.

The cards were dealt but some kept back

For those perceived above the pack,

And we all watched their chips stack high

Left to sit and ponder why.

The judgement that was promised us

Despite the silence and the fuss,

Faded out like winter days

Left us shrouded in the haze.

And those who sought a better home

Crushed in corners all alone,

Seeing now the game was framed

By faces that belied no shame.

The Scars We Don’t See

I have just finished reading this quite remarkable book by the very talented Cassa Bassa and wanted to share my thoughts by way of a brief review.

I hope that you will indulge me and maybe even invest in a copy. You won’t be disappointed.

The Scars We Don’t See is a quite remarkable collection of short stories which will enthuse, inspire and fascinate any reader who enjoys quick, stimulating reads.

The writing is clear and concise with beautiful description which paints vivid scenes without ever being overly florid. Some of the stories are vignettes with characters who are sketched with precise detail but leave plenty of room for the reader to employ their own imagination. Many of the pieces are more observational in tone, yet are very relatable, and Cassa’s style of writing allows the reader to  immerse themselves fully in the situations that she creates.

Some of the stories are based on personal experiences and memories, and are, as such, quite introspective and personal, yet each one resonates effectively with the reader. The reality of Cassa’s work is both inspirational and thought-provoking, and her skillful and poetic use of language is a pleasure to read.

Personally I really like the way she employs language as a tool to stimulate the reader’s own imagination, knowing exactly what to include and precisely where to leave spaces.

The Scars We Don’t See is a collection that I will return to again and again. 

Highly recommended. 

Fire for You


Fire for You’ is a song by The Eden House which is currently stuck in my head.

The Eden House is a collaborative musical project, initiated by Stephen Carey and Tony Pettitt. This track is taken from their debut album Smoke & Mirrors. Vocals were provided by Monica Richards, Evi Vine, Amandine Ferrari and Julianne Regan.

The video has nothing to do with me, but it was the best that I could find!

Hope you enjoy it!

Reals and Ghosts


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All the reals and all the ghosts

The loudest singing

Won the most,

Pictures hanging in the air

Still cover up each

Jagged tear.

You scream and cry

And watch it die,

And feel the sand

Drain through your hands,

And pray that there

Is one more day,

Just one more chance

To turn your dance,

You ask me why

The crows still fly,

As if their black

Was some way back,

To everything

We used to sing,

With eyes of hope

Before the joke,

All the reals and all the ghosts

The loudest singing

Won the most,

Pictures hanging in the air

Still cover up each

Jagged tear.



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My footsteps rang against the stone

As I walked past disdainful stare,

Your eyes upon me from your door

Mocking lips and murderous glare.

The sound that echoed down the halls

Served only as a footnote cold,

An image which you thought you saw

Words that once you had been told.

A fairy tale in all its pain

A warning for you not to stray,

But stay behind the safety rail

And keep the pleasure wolves at bay.

The distance that will keep you safe

Imagine treasures mine to lose,

As jealously you criticise

Still dream your feet within my shoes.