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Our kisses melt

Like summer toffee

Rich and sweet upon

Our petal lips

Which trace lines of love

Beneath our floating feet

As words slip slowly

Like silent snowflakes

From our honeycomb mouths

And you, the pearl within the shell

That is our life

Iridescent, a lustrous light

That pulls a glow from

Deep within

And I, the coral at your side

That watches you

With eyes of fascination

Constant and true

Basking in the wonder

Of you.


Stand or Fall


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You stand or fall

On who you are

And who you were before

The fingers of another

Wrapped themselves

Around your soul.

You stand or fall

In independence

And all you want to be

Without the need of shoulders

Whose payment

Asks too much.

You stand or fall

In no-one’s dreams

But those you dream yourself

And rise to shine above the ones

Who cannot see

That you

Will always stand.


Let You Down


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I’m sorry

I’m so very sorry

I never meant

To let you down

Never meant

For you to drown.


I’m sorry

I’m so very sorry

I never meant

To let you down

Never meant

For you to drown.


On days

On days so much better

So much better

Than these

We watched each other dance

Made promises on stars

I swore I’d never leave

I’d never let you fade


And nights

Nights we shared as one

In brighter dreams

Than we could hold

We watched each other shine

Make circles in the sky

I swore I’d keep forever

And never wish away


I’m sorry

I’m so very sorry

I never meant

To let you down

Never meant

For you to drown.


And how

How did I let it all

Fall away

Fall to shadow

We watched each other go

Leave footprints in our hearts

I swore would never happen

I’d never let you fade


I’m sorry

I’m so very sorry

I never meant

To let you down

Never meant

For you to drown.



© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018


We Waited


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We waited in the dust

We stood there in the sand,

We wallowed in our comfort

Waiting for a hand.

We waited in the snow

We slipped beneath the ice,

We swallowed down our pride

But never asked the price.

We waited in the temple

We knelt before the sign,

We waited for forgiveness

A gift that wasn’t mine.

We waited by the water

We hoped would wash us clean,

We stared towards the sky

For things we’d never seen.

We waited for redemption

Absolution from our sin,

We waited out forever

To find we hoped on nothing.



© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018



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Young man stands

Shoulder propped against the pillar

Its concrete cold, harsh, pock-marked

Echoes his mood

Like the burned tar smoke

That spirals like a dragon

From a hand which hangs,

A pendulum weight within the sleeve,

Detached at his side.

The girl waits

Hair scented with expectation

The flower-musk brushed skin

Alight and aglow –

She knows that he will come

And lay his cloak across her fears –

Painted hues of love

Which grow like the wisteria

Around her heart.

A man forgotten by time

The pages of his days

Scattered on the dust

Like flakes of decaying skin

No testament to the things that passed his eyes

And cut their mark into his flesh

Knows that days are numbered

But he no longer counts

As he waits for welcomed arms.

A restaurant doorway

Arms flung wide like a distant aunt

Two lovers embrace

Clinging to the space that grew between them

Remembering it like childhood

Before they squeeze its life away

A moment that they trust

Will hold them in the perfection that they feel

Their private slice of heaven.

And the trains they come

And the trains still leave.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018




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I have grown good

At giving things away:

A word, a look, a plaything;

Objects gathering dust on shelves

Which serve only as a reminder,

Hollow and spent,

Of the emptiness of detachment;

A touch, a smile, a heart;

A muscle with purpose usurped

Scratches on the page

Of another’s life;

A hope, a wish, a future –

And of what use is a future

When its past has been given away? –

An entry erased from the ledger:

Yes, I have grown good

At giving things away,

Giving until this shell

Is empty.

Broken Rainbows


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I saw you in the quiet light,

The shadow of your disguise,

That slipped away as long days

Withered on the calendar pages,

The numbers that were once laced

With the beauty of mystique,

A stairway to the clouds,

And angel’s voices which swept

The cobwebs from our eyes

That hang now like veils across our hearts,

I watched you count those special days

And hang on those yet held

In infant arms,

Unaware of the quicksand which kissed your ankles

And seduced you as you slept

Whilst the snow fell like broken rainbows

And froze the party-promises,

Which we never truly held,

No song, no spell, no magic door

Ever rose beyond the mist,

And even though I saw you,

In silence and in chaos,

My hands still stretched forever

Grown tired with impotence.



© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018

Small Town


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What did it take

For you shed the skin

Of this small town?

What magic or deception

Flattery or trickery

Fooled the border wolves

And led you to the handle

The knife to slice the strings?

I’ll take the mirror

Shatter the glass

And reassemble a face

Like yours

Find all the pieces forged through time

The detritus of revolution

And mold them

A waxwork of an image of

The you we couldn’t be

To mesmerise the eye

And let the wind-borne fog

Take us far from the shores

Of small town thought.



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Whilst you slept

An angel on a cloud

Of purity and calm

I slipped the box

From beneath the bed

And teased the key

From pocket

To hand

To lock

And turned

The click inaudible

Which sent a silent roar

Ripping through the ground

To stir the waters

Ancient grey

And all the things I kept

That crept

Like night-monsters

Into the corners dark

Whispered out their secrets

Like the hum of hidden


Slid through silken

Cobweb fields

And into my hands

Dancing from palm to palm

Breathing in the fear

The terror of the dream

And as I felt the toppling moon

Dip her head

And hide her eye

I watched them smile

Their return

Too deathly for the day

And as you slept

I let the lid

Slip from hand to box

And slide beneath the bed.