I Would Have Loved


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I would have loved you then,

Your tumbling hair

A cascade of words

Around my heart,

Your silken skin

A sliver of hope

Amidst the dark,

But my eyes had not yet opened.

I would have loved you then,

Your precious lips

Their berry-sweet taste

Against my own,

Your endless eyes

Welcome drowning pools

In which to dive,

But my heart had not yet thawed.

I would have loved you then,

Your gentle touch

Warm electric glow

Against my flesh,

Your turning back

Sign for me to say

Deep hidden words,

But I knew I was too late.

© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2000-2021

As It Ever Was


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And when at last the dust

That had crept into our eyes and

Scratched its frozen images

Deep within our hearts and minds

Began to fall

Did we find that we had found

All that we were looking for

The prizes and rewards that we

Had promised ourselves

So many lifetimes before?

Or did our vista still contain the

Dreams that we had always known

Were nothing more than that

No more than the pictures that we

Had painted with the hands

Of children fleeing from the night?

And all the promises that we had cast

Like yarrow stalks, now pebbles on the beach

Had given up their secrets to the sea

And washed themselves with the briny tears

That we had shed so freely

Thinking that they would be gone

Spent like the pennies we cherished in

The youth we dreamed away so soon

Before we learned to mourn its death

And let the black sank deep within

A storm that never passed

The ghost of all the days we thought

Would one day come to life

And take our hands

And lead us to all that grew on trees so near

So far from reach

But now through thinly veiled eyes

The scratches fall away

And through the sinking mists we see

All as it ever was.

© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2000-2021



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A change is coming.

I can taste it in

The butterscotch sky

Hear it in the song

Of the midnight clouds,

As the winter birds

Cast their wings out wide

Leave these barren shores

Steal a final glance

Frozen in their eye.

A change is coming.

I can feel it in

The dancing willow

And for a moment

Hold to me the scent,

Of dreams taking flight

Their fingers touching

Rainbows in the blue

To drift their passion

Falls like rain to us.

A change is coming.

© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2000-2021

Ink Me in Colour


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Ink me in colour

This monochrome heart

That’s bled black

For a thousand years and

Stained the Earth with pain,

Given birth to the sorrow

That wails through the night

A banshee’s song

Makes the Moon in her shame

Cover her face

And drop an icy tear which melts

A torrent which washes this despair

From corner to corner

Of a globe already sodden,

I’ll watch as each droplet seeps

Slowly from the pipette

Splashing upon the canvas

Like the first kiss of Spring

Its trickle running with quiet insistence

From page to page

Impregnates the white impassive

Sketches of life

Drowned from birth

By the flow from my eye,

Watch with impossible hope

For the pigment to take

And wash the black blood

Red – passion’s hue –

The disinterested white

Now coloured with love,

Empty the well

And I’ll drink with the thirst

Of the dying

And cling to yesterday’s hope

That the colour won’t come

Too late.

© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2000-2020

Paint the Day


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I guess that I’d lost sight

Of all that I was

Looking for,

Drowned beneath the words that

Tumbled from my mouth.

Aim to please and try too hard

As all I say is

Left behind,

Shrouded by the clouds we are

Passing by the door.

Wanting always just to please

And hold a candle

To your face,

Burn a smile into the sky

But smiles always fade.

Close my eyes to paint the day

And hope that you’ll

Remember this,

Close your eyes I am not here

And never truly was.

Aim to please and try too hard

As all I say is

Left behind,

Shrouded by the clouds we are

Passing by the door.

© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2000-2020

Book Release – The Shadows of Blackout Island

Raw Earth Ink

Hi dear readers,

Raw Earth Ink is proud to announce the release of The Shadows of Blackout Island, a collection of dark fiction short stories.

Inside you’ll find seven horrifying tales which take place on Blackout Island as told by:

  • L.E. Aleman
  • Darren Diarmuid
  • Lauren Rylant
  • A.P. Christopher
  • -M. Taggart
  • M. Ennenbach and
  • Joann L. Berg

Rumors and speculation surround the possible inhabitants of Blackout Island, located just a few miles off the coast. Conspiracy theories abound while social media leaks surface about government experiments gone wrong. Certainly something or someone must live there, for haven’t we all seen the shaky home videos of the occasional wisp of smoke or recordings of eerie sounds carrying far across the water on a calm summer night? Something wicked has been let loose within its depths… And it is time for the truth to be revealed.

Where Junior Officer Jaime discovers the…

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Something to Say


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There was something that I wanted

To say to you

Before the feeling was drowned

By words

In the moments when the ghosts

Moved amongst us

Like silkworm strands

Their delicate beauty their strength

Eclipsing the hands as they swept away

The stories that we had been sold

Before the skies grew dark above

Our heads

In the days when the ghosts

Drifted from our sight

Like cataract clouds

Their flailing hands now skeletal

Lost behind the numbers that fell from our eyes

Leaving nothing but the dust.

There was something that I wanted

To say to you.

© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2000-2020

Metal Boxes


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We hide our thoughts

And faces behind

The fantasies we build

In metal boxes,

The melted sand panes

Reflecting back the cold


Holding in our voices

As if they belonged to us

And yet still they slip,

Unruly children,

Through our fingers

As they grasp too late

To ideas on the winter breeze

The chill that keeps us

Safe inside,

Open-mouthed we gasp the poison

That bleeds into our sanctum

Wishing that the journey was worth

The destination,

That our voices would join

With those we hold

In silent esteem,

That we could stay

Forever cocooned in glass and steel,

That all we would be

Would lead us home.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2000-2020

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