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Writing can be tough. Sometimes inspiration seems to float away on the breeze like smoke from a candle. At times like these (or indeed at any other time!) Listening to music can be a boon. Ideas can come from anywhere, and a good challenge to get the juices going, I find, can be to listen to some music and try to use the lyric (could be just one line) to use as the basis for a story.
Someone (you know who you are) suggested I make a playlist of songs. At first this seemed easy, but, having slept on it now seems almost impossible – where does one start? However I have taken the bull by the horns and begun.
So here is the start of what, hopefully, will be a continuing list. I hope that someone out there checks some of this music out-

Red Valentino -And Also The Trees

Blake Says – Amanda Palmer

Second Soul – Black Swan Lane

All On The Black – Leya

Death to My Hometown – Logh

Subway – Pete Murphy

Lady of the Vines – Scott Bradie

Judgement – The Sound

The Letter – The Black Heart Procession

No Beacon – The Fallout Trust