It appears that I have been nominated (twice) for a Sunshine Award – although I’m not sure whether or not to term ‘Sunshine’ really fits the content of much of my blog!!

I would like to say a big thank you to Changing Skin and Other Stories and authormirandastone for thinking that my blog deserves this award: if you haven’t checked them out then DO, they are both inspirational and enthralling. Heartfelt thanks Rachael and Miranda.

OK, down to business. Ten things about myself (I’m not using the word ‘interesting’, you can decide for yourselves!)

1. I always write with pen and paper – the computer is only for final editing and to submit anything that I write.

2. I develop a lot of my ideas whilst walking the family dog.

3. The biggest literary influence came from a lecturer that I had whilst studying for my degree. His name was Dr. Francis Burns and he really informed my relationship with poetry.

4. When I was younger I wrote dozens of songs that were too awful to ever see the light of day.

5. I am a Gemini.

6. I once found myself walking the back streets of Venice during a power failure – which was weird!

7.One of my favourite places is  the top of Clee Hill in Shropshire.

8. I challenged myself to think of my three (of many) favourite authors and came up with – Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Italo Calvino and Haruki Murakami.

9. And three much admired poets/ lyricists – William Blake, Ian Curtis and Leonard Cohen.

10. And finally the most important part of my life; my fabulous wife and my amazing two children (whose names are Karac and Sasha).

This part, if anything, was even more difficult, as there are so many fantastic blogs that I have discovered and that inspire me. Please try to find the time to delve into any on the list (which is in no particular rank or order) as they are amazing!

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5. countingducks

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