As in not poetry, story or music.

The other day, quite by accident, I stumbled across someone who I used to know on the Internet. This got me thinking a little about other faces from the past, and so I Googled the name of an old friend. Lo and behold there they were as bold as brass (with only a mild embellishment on the person that I once knew). How fascinating. I tried again. This time I had to scroll down a little, but soon found the person I was after. Let’s try again.
This time I typed in the name of an old friend from my college days. I got lots of hits, but none were who I was after.
I refined my search, but still no joy – a might strange, I thought.
Moving on I decided to Google myself – let’s face it, a lot of us have (ignore the protestations).
Apparently I don’t appear to exist.
Oh, yes, when I typed in chrisnelson61 I got straight where I wanted to go (although (surprisingly?) There is another ‘chrisnelson61’ – I don’t tweet/ Tmblr), but who would know me as that? (Don’t think here that I am desperately seeking contact, this was purely out of curiosity.) But when I typed in Chris Nelson (or indeed my name in its longer version) I got everything bar the kitchen sink except for my electronic footprint. Makes you wonder how easy, in this digital age, it is to disappear, when technology seems to be the only thing people rely on.
Bit of a weak ending I know, but I just got to thinking.