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The stars fell from the sky

Tonight they hid their light in shame

The full moon drowned its face

Beneath sorrow’s softened waters.

A plaintive bell did ring

Distant but no angel rose

And my heart swore a vow

In solitude to find a friend.


            Not one could hear

            The whispered word,

            The silent foot

            Upon the stair,

            And no-one see

            The frosted face,

            The wisp of hair

            That fell on me,

            And from that night

            As you passed by,

            And bathed my life

            In spectre’s light,

            I could not be

            As others were

            As from your touch,

            I was not free.


The stars fell from the sky

Tonight they lost their grace in pain

The Moon’s full tears did fall

On new horizons sorrow-kissed.

But no sound came to

Rescue day from night-time’s sweet embrace

And my heart swore its vow

In solitude a friend to make.