Miranda Stone has invited me to participate in the Writing Process Blog Hop. Miranda is a gifted writer of both short stories and poetry, whose work is full of symbolism, yet retains a sense of realism at all times. I don’t want to say too much as I feel that the only true appreciation of her talent can come from reading her work. If you haven’t read her then DO – you will find the experience most rewarding!

The rules of the Writing Process Blog Hop are:

The rules:
1. I must answer the four questions below.
2. I must link back to the person who invited me to this Blog Hop.
3. I must name four writers who will continue this Blog Hop and notify them. (Miranda has made this a little tricky by already naming a couple of writers who I rate extremely highly!)


1) What are you working on?

Mostly poetry, although I do have a couple of drafts of stories that I am in the process of editing before typing up a finished piece. Don’t hold your breath though!

2) How does your work differ from others in the genre?

I’ve never really considered my writing to fall into any one particular genre. I guess that most of my stories focus on one specific event and I try with my writing to develop a character around that event. One might consider them to be fairly introspective pieces, but that doesn’t mean that they are (all) necessarily personal. I would like to hope that I can use my writing to get inside the heads of a variety of characters.

3) Why do you write what you write?

When I was younger I would only write when inspiration hit me full on. It had to be something that affected me personally on a deep level, and consequently my writing was sporadic. About fifteen years ago I decided that I was going to take my writing a little more seriously and have since devoted more time to the process of writing. Whilst not exactly prolific, this has, I feel, helped me to develop a more personal style in both my stories and poems. For me, writing initially has to be for oneself, but having this site as an outlet has acted as a focus, and the positive, constructive comments of other talented writers an encouraging spur.

4) How does your writing process work?

Once I have an initial idea I tend to try to develop a basic outline in my head, be it for a poem or a story. I generally mull this around for a while and often mentally edit lines/ passages whilst walking the dog! As for physically writing, the process is almost always the same: write – read – edit – type – edit – read. Then it’s left alone. I rarely read or revisit what I have written, so my editing process is far from fool-proof, but, on the other hand, I have (occasionally) edited something to death, and been left with words that have no connection to what I was trying to say!

So to the process of recommending four blogs that I follow (do look for the Blog Hop to continue at these sites):

Mark Renney

Mark is an amazing writer who manages to capture slices of life and packs them with both realism and symbolism. He is a writer whose work needs to be read on more than one occasion, and one I often return to.

Steve Hiner

Steve is a remarkable poet who writes emotionally and passionately. His poems are deep and often melancholic, yet are written without any sense of maudlin. If you want to question life, relationships and emotions, then Steve is your man.

AC Melody

A fabulous blog with some super writing which tends towards scientific. There is real quality in the writing with plots that leave you guessing all the way. And yet there is more to this blog than creative writing – fun posts on life, a bit of social commentary and a recently started post featuring snippets of lyrics from a wide variety of bands. Definitely worth checking out.

Vic Briggs

And no list would be complete without the mention of Vic’s site. Vic is a great poet who manages to link classical and mythological themes with universal issues and emotions. Her writing is crammed with symbolism and meaning and packs a powerful punch. On top of this she fills her blog with challenging and thought provoking writes which cover just about any topic that you could think of. By the way, did I mention that there is also the odd splattering of humour too!

I would have loved to have noted more wonderful sites (all of which have links from my own site) but a) I have either been invited to participate by you, b) you have been recommended already or c) I have run out of options (according to the rules!)

Apologies to everyone else whom I follow – I am thinking of you!