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Gothic mouths

Which swallow faith

And offer up a better way,

Behind their smiles

The lessons lie

Hypnotic drone to draw us near.


Row on row

Labyrinthine vein

To lead us in and lose our way,

The call to prayer

To make us see

The gulf between their gift and us.


Towered domes

To heaven’s veil

The temples torn with clearer sight,

Yet built again

With glory seen

To bury us beneath their will.


Touching God

With blessed hand

A monument to give us place,

As heavenwards

We stretch our arms

Our feet still anchored in the sand.


This poem was inspired by a prompt posted by VickLinde(http://vclinde.wordpress.com/). She has posted a wonderful piece of artwork entitled ‘Cattedrale’ which is by Piero Pizzi Cannella.

You should check her site out if she’s unfamiliar to you.