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Weighted years fall away like

Fledgling down on the first warmth

Of Spring’s new dawn

Awakening senses that slept through Winter

Ice-blind in the deceitful Sun

Skin that tingles, prickles

Expectant of the touch to come

Sweeping aside stale memories

And rising like a geyser cuts

Swathes through colder skies

On which hang the sweeter

Scents of youthful days when

Words like honey dripped

Ran as children deep within

Our ever expanding futures

Tastes on tongues

Like sugar stayed

Etched their promise forever kept

Behind our eyes so easily opened

With fingers foreign our sight

New given blessed us always

With corners fresh and obstacles fading

To vanishing points we would never reach

Surprises we could always make to

Meld and weave our rooted web

Built tall on memories hand-spun with

Golden thread we wept and now

They fall away and we on fledgling wing

Are born.