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This poem was inspired by the late, great Adrian Borland, who had fleeting success both as a solo artist and with his band ‘The Sound’ from the late 1970’s until his untimely death in 1999.

I hope that you enjoy the poem and take a little time to discover a little more about him.


My voice it rose, spilled out its words

Scattered truths upon the ground

Evolved from lip to pen to ear

Shook the earth with thoughts profound.


Untamed I prowled through cities dark

A night-drawn search for open ear

Across the Moon my words did fly

The thoughts so few could hear.


And then by day the cold light’s kiss

Other’s brighter words did bring

A distant dream utopian

Their thoughtless words for to sing.


My voice it tumbled over words

Falling haunted to its knees

Each whispered sound lost to the clouds

And borne away on the breeze.


When silence came louder than words

My muted voice did tremble

The whistle shrill a call for time

My trust in me now ended.