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She stepped through the open door

Light-borne wishes whispered

Gently on the breeze

Became tangled in the flowing locks of her hair

And on her skin their perfume kisses left

Blew smoke rings to the clouds

Wafted silent like a new bride

Her fingers fresh as dawn’s new dew

And hung upon the motionless air

Like fruit upon the bough

She felt the earth beneath her feet

Pushing new life towards the judgeless sky

Shadows fading with the melting winter snow

Her eyes as fresh

As Spring’s youthful shoots

Threw glances to a day old Sun

And wispish clouds in floating dance

Bore long forgotten troubles

Like the first lost dawn

To horizons never viewed

She saw the day’s transparent eye

Upon her it cast its promise

As through the blue

Her wings outstretched

Dew-drop shadows on her garden

Crept like the vines ensnaring life

Hidden drums did dance

And drew to life a new seed

Lost buried from her sight.