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Blistered images
Pictures fractured, torn
Humanity shattered
Scarlet pools
Evaporating like dreams
Beneath a mocking
Sun god
Whose laughter rings
Clear over
The exploding back-beat
A ceaseless rhythm
Pounding skins
The big finish
The chaotic crescendo
That never comes
As Jazz-like
The players search
For the killer note
The deathly chord
With which to stun
And silence
The pleading throng
Whose voices lost
Lie broken
Amidst the shrapnel
And charred-black
Body parts of those
Who saw no need
Yet were the fodder
Of foolish greed
That has no recourse
To higher law –
And who’s to say
It’s all the same –
And still the salt falls
Drowned silent by
Blame and counter-blame
And a sky lit beautiful
A midnight rainbow
Beneath which
No gold glitters
And hope lies twisted
In hues of retribution
And those who cry
‘Is this what we’ve become?’
As in water’s flow
They wash their hands
And turn their
Eyes away.