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Peel back the ancient layers

Years fall away like snowflakes,

Crumpled sheaves melt in silence

Empty reams – forgotten choices.


Half-memories, framed mounted hung

Line cobweb clustered corridors,

Flakes of paint which scratch the eye

Onion-tears built over time.


Distant voices haunt my mind

Their echoes in dark caverns sing,

And words I heard cavort and play

Twisting meaning – snake-like charm.


But did I not once hear the words

‘I love you’, spill from angel lips,

To crash upon the rocks below

And lose themselves to other thoughts?


And what of words you spoke to me

Did my ears hear the same as yours,

Or did they paint a different view

A fantasy within me grown?


And could I read behind your eyes

Or were my own sweet sightless blind,

To conjure up a memory

A tower built towards the sky?


With disappointment did I turn

Away from you, or so it seemed,

But was it then or maybe now

Your words I could not comprehend?


Now years fall down like snowflakes

And melt in silence in my heart,

Paint flakes fall from empty canvas

Wasted reams – forgotten choices.