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An ambivalent Sun
Perched like Cnut on his gold sky throne
Spread wide his arms
Scattered his rays like tossed shingle
Across our beach
Allowed himself a benevolent grin
Indifferent to our lot
And drew his eye away.
And, at Education’s tail-end
Our gazes drawn from page to pane
Lost in Spring’s late heat-haze
And gathered once more beneath the blue,
White blouses billowed
Like new-furled sails
And skirts grown short
By tanned legs long
Tumbled through our mindscapes
Punching holes in youth-fed truths,
And we,
In comrade shouldered arm-hugs
Fears masked behind the smiles
And Sun-fuelled laughter,
Bitter-sweet still fresh
The taste upon the lip
Of malted hop and barley,
Long, languorous evenings lazy
Reaching into nights
Dripping rich with words and noise
Lost between the soundscape patterns
Which wormed into our futures
Like doorways never seen,
And you,
A dream when dreams still potent hung
Grown from wispish clouds
Which carried silent on invisible wind
Swept still slowly out of reach,
And first love’s touch
Experiment’s sigh
Left its trail for no-one’s eye
As Summer’s kiss caressed our lips
And on the scorching ground
Our toes were burned,
A subtle nod to friendship’s pyre
In distant far off times,
And I was left
With borrowed words
In age-time to look back –
‘And what exactly is a dream,
And what exactly is a joke?’

1.The final two lines are taken from Syd Barrett’s ‘Jugband Blues’.