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No roots to anchor
I fell through your eyes
Chemically captured through the years
Gift-wrapped secrets to unfold,
And as I dived
White-robed in your words
My history peeled away replaced
By hallways lined with doors,
And sinking down
Through dim-lit corridors
From golds and brown to ink-stained blues
I saw you dance with cats,
And furtive moves
In mask-topped cloaks
Behind which smiles vine-like spread
As skull-built towers rose,
And empty shell-heads
Danced to tunes you spun
Your plague-fingers caressing souls
As blue they slowly sank,
Your death-flower head
Commanding black-souled dogs
To dance across a swollen moon
Its red tide filled with fear,
Past shrouded black best left
To swim across a stagnant sea
And my feet sink into your sand
As snail-shelled deer slide close.