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Ice sheets reach out,

Glass-like windows trapping

Separating and splintering,

Their frozen shards each one

A piercing rapier probing and

Pricking at tender flesh now

Reddened by the intensity of

Northern winds whose frost-bitten fingers

Cling and grasp without sensation

Tearing at the last pulse

Of emotions which grasp,

Now breath-stolen,

At warmer days

And creeping blankets crack

Crisp frost flowers which smile and

Die within a breath

As a darkened fist begins its squeeze and

My Discovery creaks against

A restless foe, its foothold firm

Beneath my hull

And stubborn will which holds fast

Still against a day which

Feels no light

But grins at me with purpose known

And plucks at eyes whose

Frozen tears no longer fall

Yet stare out still for

Yellow skies whose promise hangs

With memories and dreams and

Hibernating thoughts

Against the ice floe’s kiss