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Whilst you slept

An angel on a cloud

Of purity and calm

I slipped the box

From beneath the bed

And teased the key

From pocket

To hand

To lock

And turned

The click inaudible

Which sent a silent roar

Ripping through the ground

To stir the waters

Ancient grey

And all the things I kept

That crept

Like night-monsters

Into the corners dark

Whispered out their secrets

Like the hum of hidden


Slid through silken

Cobweb fields

And into my hands

Dancing from palm to palm

Breathing in the fear

The terror of the dream

And as I felt the toppling moon

Dip her head

And hide her eye

I watched them smile

Their return

Too deathly for the day

And as you slept

I let the lid

Slip from hand to box

And slide beneath the bed.