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I saw the rise of the Sun

And the fall of the Moon,

I saw your heads split open

Trying to silence their tune,

I heard the rush of your voice

And the power of your song,

I heard the words whispered low

Behind the hands of the strong,


I saw the candles at night

The fire that burned inside,

I saw the blankets of fear

Breakers against the tide,

I felt the blood on my hands

The taste of the tears that you spilled,

I felt the guilt of my Sex

Losing the heart we had killed.


I saw the skin fall away

A carcass of blood and bone,

I saw the symbols you bore

A child that nobody could own,

I was the hope that we burned

The drowning days out of my hands,

I was the best that you knew

A failing hope lost in the sand.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018