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I used to live

Up on the roof,

And trick myself

I knew the truth,

I’d smile at those

So far below,

And think of all

They’d never know.


I used to live

Upon the stair,

And never think

Of when or where,

I’d watch the days

They’d come and go,

And rise above

Their ebb and flow.


I used to write

My name in ink,

So those who passed

Might stop and think,

I’d leave my mark

On buildings high,

To mark my presence

In the sky.


I used to live

Upon the ground,

My voice silenced

Without a sound,

And all the things

I thought I knew,

Shattered broken

Now cast askew.


So now I live

Beneath the floor,

The game was missed

Forgotten score,

And when I look

Up to the sky,

I see the lost

The ones like I.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018