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Digging so deep

Deep beneath the soil

The rocks that strain up to meet me

Like the souls of the sleepless dead

Their voices echoing in the chambers

Of a restless head

Abandoned too late not to leave scars

Backlit by dreams that missed

The Mayday call

That sank like rain on charred and thirsty earth

Still weeping in the splintered light

Which fell fractured through the cracks

Pick axe cut and soaked

In miner’s bloody tales

Those buried in loss and hollow-eyed

Blinded by the notion of all they’d lost

And all they’d never find

Their nasal words

Choked in sooted kisses promised from above

That slip like venomous snakes

Into their lungs

To silence the echoes in the hearts

That strike a soundless beat

That roars with anger

In my ears.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2000-2019