It’s coming up to that time of year once more and the thought of gifts springs to mind. To say it’s breen a strange year would be an understatement so, to dispel the misery, why not consider settling down (or even gifting) a good book. And talking of which…

Static Dreams Volumes 1 and 2 are now readily available at all good outlets – simply follow one of the links cleverly inserted below!

Both volumes contain original and intriguing stories (volume 2 includes my own personal contribution) and are well worth purchasing in any format.

Also available is The Poets Symphony, a stunning collection of fine poetry based around the theme of music.

You can find the paperback at lulu (recommended)Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.

Go on, treat yourself, you know it makes sense…and if you do, thank you!

Lulu (preferred option):

Both books, all versions

Barnes & Noble/Nook:

Both books, all versions


e-book only, obviously

Volume One

Volume Two


Volume One paperback

Volume One e-book

Volume Two paperback

Volume Two e-book