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Ink me in colour

This monochrome heart

That’s bled black

For a thousand years and

Stained the Earth with pain,

Given birth to the sorrow

That wails through the night

A banshee’s song

Makes the Moon in her shame

Cover her face

And drop an icy tear which melts

A torrent which washes this despair

From corner to corner

Of a globe already sodden,

I’ll watch as each droplet seeps

Slowly from the pipette

Splashing upon the canvas

Like the first kiss of Spring

Its trickle running with quiet insistence

From page to page

Impregnates the white impassive

Sketches of life

Drowned from birth

By the flow from my eye,

Watch with impossible hope

For the pigment to take

And wash the black blood

Red – passion’s hue –

The disinterested white

Now coloured with love,

Empty the well

And I’ll drink with the thirst

Of the dying

And cling to yesterday’s hope

That the colour won’t come

Too late.

© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2000-2020