Raw Earth Ink

Hello friends,

Raw Earth Ink is proud to present Creation and the Cosmos: A Poetic Anthology Inspired by Nature.

From the back:

Inspiration for art comes from all over, we have only to see it. Within “Creation and the Cosmos” you will discover nature’s revelation transformed into poetry, rhyme, digital photographic art, painting, photography, and more. Throughout these pages, thirty-two artists and writers from all over the world express their emotions and thoughts as seen through the wide-open eyes of nature.

From stars and moon, birds in flight, the raging storm, a deer’s quiet passing, the salty depths of the sea, rolling hills and towering mountains: there is art in all creation. Sink your hands into the rich soul-soil of humanity’s finest creators and allow all of nature, both dark and light, to impress its artistry in your heart.

I couldn’t be happier with this collection. It’s beautiful and I’m…

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