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One final piece taken from my recently published collection ‘Another Tease’. From next week I shall be posting more new pieces which I hope that you will enjoy.

But for now here is poem entitled ‘Night Train’ which I hope you enjoy and, if you do, there are details on how to purchase the collection at the bottom of this post. Thank you.

The night train came

Like Arctic winter

Drew into the platform

Its presence announced

A rumbling roar

Which stirred the senses of those

Who could not move,

A platform crowded

Shrouded in the silence

Of isolation

Bodies shuffling on automatic

Knowing the journey to come

Yet helpless in their resistance,

Seated now staring with the vacancy

Of untenanted rooms

Rooms closed off to sightless eyes

Tunnel-visioned pulled on

By a darkness

Whose whispered words

Seduced like an absented lover

A promise of redemption,

Rhythms rumble wheels on track

Devil’s chains around my brain

A voice that cries

So pure so clear

Yet smothers reason with unseen hand

And blind like time

The sinking Sun drips blood

Unsure of its return.

‘Another Tease’ is a collection of poetry, short prose fiction and lyrics covering themes as diverse as love & war, faith & loss and hope & depression. The lyrics have no melodies – each one is left open for the reader to create their own interpretation.

ISBN: 978-1-329-16251-8

Available now via:


As soon as the book is available on other platforms I will post more!

I hope that you enjoy reading!