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We walk through winter’s halls

Our faces turned to spring now,

Each footstep on our way

Follow the dreams we’re given,

To each and everyone 

The promise of forgiveness, 

The words we hoped to hear

In sheets of steel riven.

Beyond the love and hate

And things beyond our knowledge, 

We stand in aftermath

No need for war or sword,

The light that burns outside

We find inside ourselves,

But blindly we go on

To follow Mary’s word.

See as our faces fade

Like marks made in the sand,

Tyrants and saints as one

Now dust upon our lids,

And all the games we played

The sacred words we read,

Could never satisfy 

Like lies we swallowed did.

Note for Michael (because you’ll get it) and anyone else who is interested. Try reading this to the verse melody to Adorations by Killing Joke.