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I am delighted to be about to announce that my latest collection of short stories ‘Consequences’ is now available to purchase!

For anybody interested (and I’m hoping that someone is!) I have attached links to the bottom of this post.

Thank you!


Three tales exploring consequences; the consequences of random events, of choices and decisions made and of fate or chance.

A Slow Return sees a man analysing his emotions as he is forced to face up to the consequences of his actions following a random accident.

In The Witness a man’s life unravels before his eyes after he becomes an unwilling witness to an event which may or may not have happened. 

But the collection opens with Spinning Wheel, a story of fate creating a situation in which the boundaries between reality and fantasy become blurred, leading a man into a series of unexpected consequences.


Book Depository


Barnes and Noble

(The astute amongst you will have noticed that I have not added a link to Amazon. This is because (for some reason best known to themselves) they appear to have it listed at a ridiculous price.

Should you feel inclined to purchase a copy I send you my thanks in advance!)