Inuit Prayer

Soon the fish will come.
Soon the seals will dance beneath the ice.
A warmer glory will rise,
Pale against the pastel
Cold blue backdrop.
Softer fingers will reach out,
A gentle touch of life
And fire withheld.
The wasteland empty, frozen,
Will not relent its heart
Give up or give out.
But gone the icy welcome,
A knife cut razor glare
Usurped by lucid reason.
And soon the fish will come.
And soon the seals will dance.

18 thoughts on “Inuit Prayer”

  1. Beautiful.

    • Thank you. I hope this this one made you think as I’m still not sure what it’s about, and they’re my words! Glad you like it.

      • I’ve only written a couple Native American poems, based on dreams I had a million years ago–so, in that, I understand what you mean. They might not survive criticism by actual Native Americans, but who knows? There is just something distinctive, a quiet reverence, in their writing–which I felt you captured.

      • Pleased you think so. This was one where the first line seemed just to appear and wouldn’t go away until I’d done something with it!

      • Gotta go with it, when that happens.

  2. Love that refrain: “And soon the seals will dance….” All of this loveliness–thank you.

  3. This is very fine

  4. Love it. I found an Inuit language website.

  5. Really well-expressed.

  6. Lovely piece.

  7. Lovely read 😊

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