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We’ll build a monument to who we are,

Pack all we own and board a fast car,

We’ll leave our mark in tracks upon the road,

And throw away the things that we were told.

We’ll build our legacy in glass and stone,

And swear to silent gods we call it home,

But never turn and never look behind,

At promises we made to be that kind.

And were the castles that we built on sand?

The dreams we took meant for another’s hands?

As effigies grow taller by the day,

And all we see behind our eyes grows grey.

The mirrors steal the souls we never had,

And our capacity for good turns bad,

But still we build and sow and sow and build,

And empty hearts we hold are never filled.

Distorted truths the way we kill the time,

To make the scenes we paint all fit the rhyme,

And as we kneel before our saviour’s face,

We give ourselves one final loving grace.

And still we build our monuments so high,

A sign to all that we will never die,

We’ll leave our mark in tracks upon the sand,

But turn our eyes from actions of dead hand.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018