He follows you, silent
Gliding, dark-cloaked, invisible
As whispering eddies in the night.
Through streets shrouded
In simple shadows, and light
As pallid as the Sun in winter
Kissed skies.
Across cobble and path,
Through doorways abandoned
As cold as hoar-frost mornings
Creeping tentacles brushing
A shoulder of flame.
In ancient corners, windowless
Led deep within a labyrinth moon,
A face forms shapes melts
Features upon your flesh,
A windless sea carries call to home
Acceptance sighs to welcome.

© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018

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Like I Do


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Show me,

I want you to show me,

Hold me,

I want you to hold me,

I want you to teach me,

How you feel.


Touch me,

I want you to touch me,

Tell me,

I want you to tell me,

I want you to show me

What you’ve seen.


I wish I could see,

I wish I could see,

I wish I could see

Things like you do,

I wish I believed,

I wish I believed,

I wish I believed

In things like you.


Take me,

I want you to take me,

Fill me,

I want you to fill me,

I want you to let me

See such things.


Feel me,

I want you to feel me,

Grow me,

I want you to grow me,

I want you to make me

Live in you.


I wish I could see,

I wish I could see,

I wish I could see

Things like you do,

I wish I believed,

I wish I believed,

I wish I believed

In things like you.


Hear you,

I wish I could hear you,

Feel you,

I wish I could feel you,

I wish I could know the

Things you know.


Know you,

I wanted to know you,

Hold you,

I wanted to hold you,

I wanted to show you

All I know.


I wish you had seen,

I wish you had seen,

I wish you had seen

Things like I do,

I wish you believed,

I wish you believed,

I wish you believed

In things like me.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018

Here in the Heat


Here in the heat

All bodies are lost

No room for the vain

No fear anymore,

Down on the floor

In the diamonds and dust

Distorted truths fail

And lies bear their soul,

Space counts the distance

Marked by your hours

No time for the chosen

Who drown in the sand,

Rise like a phoenix

To burn in the Sun

I’ve bathed in your tears

Can’t feel any more,

Chance now to move

Take control again

To shed all the secrets

Like aging dead skin,

Dance in the heat

No care for the days

Which burn into one

No fear anymore,

Dance in the heat

All bodies are lost

No room for the truth

Can’t feel anymore.

© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018

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We’ll build a monument to who we are,

Pack all we own and board a fast car,

We’ll leave our mark in tracks upon the road,

And throw away the things that we were told.

We’ll build our legacy in glass and stone,

And swear to silent gods we call it home,

But never turn and never look behind,

At promises we made to be that kind.

And were the castles that we built on sand?

The dreams we took meant for another’s hands?

As effigies grow taller by the day,

And all we see behind our eyes grows grey.

The mirrors steal the souls we never had,

And our capacity for good turns bad,

But still we build and sow and sow and build,

And empty hearts we hold are never filled.

Distorted truths the way we kill the time,

To make the scenes we paint all fit the rhyme,

And as we kneel before our saviour’s face,

We give ourselves one final loving grace.

And still we build our monuments so high,

A sign to all that we will never die,

We’ll leave our mark in tracks upon the sand,

But turn our eyes from actions of dead hand.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018


A Ghost to Haunt


I am the name you never said,

The one who slips from bed to bed,

The favoured book you never read,

A constant doubt within your head.

I am the cross upon your door,

The creeping root beneath the floor,

The tortured dress you never wore,

An icy vein that will not thaw.

I am the word you never spoke,

The mirror’s face behind its smoke,

The frozen time behind night’s cloak,

A laugh too late to catch the joke.

I am the time you never planned,

The days that slipped out of your hand,

The rusted icon on the stand,

An effigy on broken land.

I am the cry at dead of night,

The splintered dream lost in mid-flight,

The falling bird that knows its plight,

A final line you could not write.

I am the bridge you could not cross,

The path below grown old with moss,


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Watching Suns


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She sat and watched the suns

Come and go as if they were

Strangers passing on the bitter streets:

A nod, a glance, perhaps a smile.

They rose in the levelled east,

Fought their way to the highs of their days,

Then struggled to climb each obstacle,

The mountains of the west.

She watched from the window

The porch and the gate

As the clock stole the hours,

Spirited them away,

And filed them under ‘lost’.

Emerald vines grew like memories

Creeping slowly over the garden fence,

Tendril-fingers seeping into the grain

Tenderly choking the life unlived.

She watched the marks of the years

Engrave themselves into her hands,

Pathways followed and gone,

And so many dreamed,

Her face the scorched and dried

Map of ages,

Marked, but abandoned before the mark of treasure

Had burned itself into her.

And the suns still came

And the suns still died,

And someone else took her chair.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018

Nothing Changed


Nothing really changed at all,

The mark still stayed upon the wall,

And as we looked for something new,

Behind our backs it grew and grew.

Though we thought that we’d moved on,

The chains that held us were not gone,

And darkness clouded all our arts,

And spread its blackness through our hearts.

Things we thought that we had tamed,

Clung to our shadows hurting, maimed,

To heal themselves when night took hold,

Our sweetest dreams to then enfold.

In the light it brought its gloom,

In every corner, every room,

The stain it grew with fitful glee,

To pin us here and make us see.

Every footstep brought us here,

But never freed us from our fear,

Hung heavy over every head,

And coloured every word we said.

Dreamed we’d come so very far,

Our feet stuck fast in blackened tar,

We felt we had so much to…

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Wooden Pieces


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Above the birds circled

Silhouette patterns in the sky,

Monochromatic mosaics which shuffled like aging hands

Moving wooden pieces across a board

In some endless game,

Watching, always watching

Waiting for that killer move

That only Time knew

Would never come,

As far below, talking monkeys

Hurled sticks and stones across the fields,

Reached over the seas to tear the rage on others such as them

Moving invisible pieces across a board

As if they had a goal,

Forgetting that they had the gift

Of sound and word and voice,

Turning time upside down

As if it bore the blame,

And still above their sightless heads

The shadows wove designs,

Building plans like those before who came and failed and fell

Moving broken pieces across a board

As if there were a point,

Waiting, always waiting

Til aching wings gave way

Above the spinning rock

As silent Time fell still.


© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018


Dreams Fall Down


Dreams fall down like shadows slow

Can’t stop them now, can’t even try,

I feel them shroud me like a curse

Can’t see behind a clouded eye.

These tremors take my sweated hand

Can’t shake them off, can’t cut them loose,

I feel them chill my aching bones

Can’t rid myself, a waiting noose.

They drag me through mistakes I’ve made

Can’t justify, or reason why,

They show me futures drowned in pain

Can’t close my ears to other’s sighs.

Devils dance and duel within

Can’t stop the tune, can’t still the sound

A masquerade, no end in sight

Can’t hide my face or go to ground.

Voices call inside me now

Can’t make my own be heard instead,

They pull me into depths unknown

Can’t heal the scars inside my head.

Dogs are barking at the walls

Can’t silence them or stop their call,

They speak to me my…

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I watched the planes trace ice-ribbons

Across the sky before

They were lost to the

Cirrus wisped blueness

And their tails faded

Like promises written in

Tide-threatened sands,

And hopes took restless souls

To the promise of utopian shores

Not realising that they

Like all that came before

Wore the mask that hid

The fault-line masquerade

That spread like disease below,

I watched them come and go and

Taxi slowly on the grey

As if discarding the seeds of doubt

That grew beneath their wheels

Like ancient gods burying

Defeated foes unaware that

They would rise again,

And as the stuttered raging roar

Splintered hearts like candy then

Tore holes into the sky

Which like starving angels

Swallowed fleeting flailing dreams

Cocooned within a safety shell

They never saw,

As standing rooted in my

Futures past and present

I watched the planes




© All original writing copyright Chris Nelson 2018